Why Facebook?

If your business or small company doesn’t have a Facebook (FB) page yet, it’s really past time to get with it.  Still the number one social media among all age brackets, Facebook offers a chance to create an image, disseminate information, draw new customers, and communicate with your clientele—all for free!  Chances are, somebody—many bodies—in your office will be very familiar with how to set up and maintain an account. What are you waiting for?

If you need some statistics to get you going, consider these astounding facts about social media in general:

  • Social media has 5 billion users worldwide.
  • Nearly 25% of social media uses log in at least 5 times a day.
  • 70% of social media users access their social media from their mobile device.
  • 84% of Americans aged 18-49 are on social media.
  • 60% of Americans aged 50-60 are on social media.

Clearly, social media is here to stay, and it’s not just for teenagers anymore. The growing trend to check in from a mobile device—usually a cell phone—shows the immediacy of social media.  News, information, controversy, pop trends—these all travel now at the speed of a txt.  And the visual engagement inherit with social media is another force to be reckoned with.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a customer’s cell phone, with access to thousands of pictures, is well worthy of your investment.

Now, consider these facts about Facebook alone:

  • Nearly 100 million Americans per month, and 400 million world-wide, now actively use Facebook. That’s an astounding audience with amazing potential.
  • Facebook enjoys 425 mobile users. With clients and potential clients accessing FB anytime, anywhere, as long as their phones are with them, you can stay on top of immediate, accurate communication with them.
  • The average FB users stay on FB for 55 minutes per day. That’s a significant amount of captive audience time!
  • 20% of all page views on the web are on Facebook.
  • 40% of Americans says FB influences their purchasing. Some of these are influenced by paid advertisements, but a great deal are persuaded by posts, fan pages, and recommendations by other customers.
  • 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. Users tend to “like” photos and video clips more than just a written post. Use photos to draw attention and interest.
  • The average FB users have 130 friends. The opportunity to expand and grow your client base by word of “like” is tremendous.
  • The male/female user rate is almost evenly split, with 57% of users being female.
  • Game revenue accounts for 12% of Facebook’s total income. That means the Facebook audience is interested in games, contests, and mind-teasers.  Think of the promotional and contest potential for your company!

In the next few blogs, we’ll look at the potential Facebook offers you for growth.  In the meantime, why not survey your staff?  How addicted are they to social media?

Challenge:  Are we making the best possible use of available social media to communicate and promote ourselves to our client base?

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