What can you do right now?

Create a system that turns customer care into a well-oiled machine that consistently produces on-time, all the time

1. Send thank you’s

Thanking customers is an easy and systematic way to add one more contact to your relationship and cement positive feelings. Being appreciated enhances customer satisfaction and increases the chance that they will do business with you again.

2. Use technology to be more responsive

On average, consumers are trapped in automated phone systems for 9.5 minutes before reaching a human being! Your odds of contacting a new lead are 100 times higher if you respond within five minutes of their phone call versus waiting just 30 minutes.[break]
95% of SMS text messages are opened and read within 1 minute

3. Gain insight through surveys

Learning customer insights helps to innovate valuable service packages and market to your customers “in their own words”. It’s also an instant source for client testimonials. If there is a problem, hearing about it and resolving it ASAP is the best course of action because 59% of unhappy customers complain to others about their experience every time!

4. Stay in touch through auto-responders and newsletters

Did you know that according to the National Sales Executive Associations, 80% of all sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact?

But studies show that 88% of companies NEVER make more than 3 contacts!

5. Ask for referrals

63.4% of business owners feel that half or more of their business comes by referrals, but only 21% have an actual referral system. Touch your current database with gentle suggestion for referrals. Referral leads are more than twice as likely to buy from you.