Veterinary Telephone Answering Service

Filter Your Practice’s Emergency Calls With a Answering Service

As a veterinarian at a privately-owned animal hospital or veterinary office, you manage to save lives amidst a lot of noise—a full stable of feline and canine patients who all want your attention. In a suspected emergency, your pet owners can be just as demanding. Unfortunately, you can only address one species at a time, and are often too busy to field calls from concerned pet owners.

A custom veterinary telephone answering service can help field calls from pet owners. We identify the emergency calls that need immediate attention, so you can focus on the animals. We collaborate with you to train our phone agents to collect contact information and pertinent details. We help determine whether their call is regarding a pet emergency or just a simple inquiry. Then, we relay the call to you via e-mail, voicemail, text message, fax, or beeper. You can determine what emergencies warrant calling you directly, and our professional phone agents can execute it.

You can also pick the plan that best suits your veterinary centers’ demands. For after hours help, the occasional overflow, vacation or special call screening, we can help your pet care practice utilize a round-the-clock receptionist. Our answering service can even perform special phone assignments, such as appointment reminders. You don’t have to overwhelm your office trying to balance your patients and being your own full-time receptionist. You can manage to address all of your pet owner clients, with the help of a professional answering service.

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