The Art of Ethos: Establishing Expertise

     What makes an effective communicator?  The  great Greek philosopher Aristotle laid the groundwork for modern public discourse, and the lessons he taught are still relevant and effective today.  He defined three important modes of persuasion, or rhetorical appeals:  ethos, logo, and pathos—ethical, logical, and emotional arguments. In the next few weeks, we’ll look […]

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ECA Celebrates Women’s History Month!

ECA Celebrates Women’s History Month! This month, schools, businesses, and professional organizations have been celebrating women’s history month. Here at Emerald Coast Answerphone, we thought we’d pause for a moment to learn the history of women who have contributed to some of the businesses which make up our clientele. We serve a variety of small businesses, […]

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It’s All Greek!

What makes an effective communicator? Those of us in the communications business ponder this question every day—and are often confronted with perplexing situations with clients and employees which make the art of discussion and communication seem like, well, Greek. Which is as it should be. It’s been over 2000 years, but it was in Ancient […]

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Special Lines

Once again, I’d like to propose my special holiday shopping line strategy to retailers and shop keepers everywhere.   Here it is:  We regular folks need a line.  I’m all for long wait times when I’ve got a cart full or electronics or baby dolls to put under the tree, but it’s exasperating to stand in […]

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Caring for Your Voice: It’s all about Hydration

Last week, we talked about how important it is to take care of what is, for many of us, our most important tool of the trade:  the voice. Those of us who spend much of the day on the phone—secretaries, receptionists, sales persons, telephone operators—must consistently sound refreshed, upbeat, under control, warm, and clear. When […]

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Principles of Persuasion: Reciprocation

Currently, I am re-reading Robert B. Cialdini’s 1984 masterpiece, Influence:  The Psychology of Persuasion.  His book has sold over 2 million copies world-wide, and is widely considered an essential read in business and sales communications.  In it, he discusses what he calls the “6 Principles of Persuasion,” listing these as reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social […]

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