Starting Your Company Facebook Page

Are you ready to get started on your business Facebook page? In today’s social-media driven market, this is really no longer an option.  It’s a necessity to keep you current in your efforts to communicate effectively with your market. Here are some quick tips and how-to’s to get you going:

  1. Remember that your log in name will be what is at the top of your page, so use the company name there.
  2. Choose a classification. For your business, you will probably choose #1: Local Business or Place, or #2: Company, Organization, or Institution.
  3. Walk through the set up with Facebook, and don’t skip steps.  Be sure you complete the “About” section.  This is a short, one or two sentence summary of what your company is all about.  It will be on your main page, so spend some time getting it right. An unfinished or absent “About” section is a warning sign to your readers that you don’t finish what you start.  Don’t put your company slogan here—you’ll want to save it for your cover photo, which runs like a banner across your page.
  4. Be sure to link your company website to your Facebook page.
  5. Upload a profile picture.
    • Best not to make this a mug shot of yourself.  A company logo is probably best here.
    • Use the same picture or logo that is associated with your other social media and webpage.
    • Make sure the picture is of high quality.  Facebook recommends 180x180px for your profile picture.
    • The picture will be used in various sizes, all of them progressively smaller than the profile picture, so make sure it looks good small.
    • Don’t use writing in your profile picture.  Again, the picture gets progressively smaller, and the writing will become illegible.Start Facebook
  1. Choose and upload a cover photo.
    • This, too, needs to look very professional, as it will be a banner which runs across the top of your page.
    • The banner for your website is a good potential here—not only will it look good, but it most likely already has your company slogan superimposed over the image.
    • Don’t use stock photos—picturesque lakes or woods—which have nothing to do with your company.
    • If you use a nice quality of your place of business, be sure to update it according to the seasons.  No snow in July!
    • Again, make sure the picture is of high quality.  Facebook recommends 851px wide by 315px tall for the cover photo.
    • Be aware of dead spots in your cover photo.  The profile picture will cover part of it, so be sure it’s not blocking anything significant.  Watch where facebook puts banners and buttons, to be sure you get the look you want.
  1. Once your page looks the way you want it to, start inviting friends and clients to like and join your page!

Challenge:  Is it time to start a Facebook page for my company or small business?  If we already have one, does it follow the above guidelines?  Is it time for a professional upgrade?

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