Social Media Solutions

Being Present and Engaged with Your Customers

Social Media SolutionsIs now the time to re-design the promotional strategies in your small business?

Consider these hard truths about traditional advertising methods:

  • 37.6% U.S. homes now have TiVO or DVR. Due to the onset of free internet TV, mobile video, and DVR ability to skip ads, many Americans never see a standard television commercial.
  • Land line phones are being disconnected at a rate of 10% each year. Mass marketing calls are futile in a world without home phones.
  • Social network investment is forecasted to increase 300% by 2016. If you haven’t gotten started, now’s the time.
  • Technology is growing new social media venues every day – Groupons, search-engine marketing, pay per click, email publishing, linking strategies, pop-ups and banner endorsements. (It’s okay if you don’t know all these social media terms–ECA will keep up for you!)

While more than half of all small business owners are considering using social media in their marketing strategies in the new year, they acknowledge that it is a confusing, time-consuming endeavor, and many fall behind.

Let us help you weed out ineffective communications strategies and plant long-term, state-of-the art marketing campaigns which maximize social media and the latest technology trends. And once we have designed your media marketing strategy, our software will ensure that follow-up happens efficiently and automatically for your prospective clients. Start planting seeds of success.¬†Contact us at (866) 400-4818 to find out how we can implement successful social media strategies for your business.¬†With ECA, you’ll not only meet the changing landscape of advertising technology–you’ll be on the cutting edge!