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smart phone supportThis week, people across the globe updated their iPhone software to iOS 7. News reports say that in the first 24 hours of its release, there were 300 million page views from iPhone devices in the United States and Canada. And despite long delays, folks spent time and energy clearing their data, dumping pictures, deleting apps, and clearing hours in their schedules to give their personal mobile devices as fresh new look. My neighbor’s teen, who stayed up until 1 a.m. on September 17th to be among the first to launch, claims that her download took 5 hours – “but it was so worth it.”

This rave should come as no surprise. We Americans are really fond of our cell phones.  In fact, 56% percent of Americans now own smartphones. That’s up from just 35% in 2011. 35% is also the number of Americans today who own some other kind of cell phone—leaving just 9% of Americans today with no mobile phone device at all.

With that said, why do so many businesses still use antiquated land lines, or even phone calls to cell phones, to communicate with their clients? People often miss a phone call—or worse—hit the “ignore” button. But 95% of all text messages are read within 1 minute of reception. It seems only logical to make txting one of your primary means of communication with customers.

Get smart! In your medical practice, txt confirmation of appointment times, notices that test results are ready, and reminders that it’s time for check-ups and follow-ups. Consider putting forms for new patients or procedures on your website, and then txting links so patients can fill them out in advance of coming into the office, saving them, and you, waiting room time.

Other tips to help you get maximize smartphone potential:

  • In your pest control business, send txts reminding clients when you will coming out to spray so they can clear their yards of pets, and send an “all clear” txt when enough time has passed from your visit to send the dog outside again.
  • In your plumbing company, send txts to confirm your ETA, so clients can go to work or keep their social engagements, knowing you will txt them when it is time to head home to meet you.
  • In your HVAC business, send txts advising people to re-program their automated thermostats with season weather changes – their savings will result in gratitude towards your company.
  • In any business, send a thank-you txt when a client transacts with you, or send txt coupons and discounts redeemable on-line or the next time they visit your office or store to do business.

Remember – contact builds relationships. Smartphone to smartphone will keep you in your customer’s awareness—and demonstrate you care.

What one new thing can you try with mobile technology to help support productivity and help build client relationships?

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