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Now that your company has launched its Facebook page, and you’ve considered the common sense of what should not be posted on it, let’s look at ways to post which will boost your company’s image and increase your customer base.  Consider, then, these tips about what and how to post on your business Facebook page.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

  • Social media and an ever-increasing technological world have made our society more and more image driven. Make your Facebook page pop with graphics and visuals which tell a story or send a message.  Here are some ways to use images wisely:
    • Accompany posts and articles with pictures. Statistics show that more people re-tweet twitter posts that include pictures, and more people “like” and “share” Facebook posts which include a photo or graphic.
    • Be sure to use high quality photos. Watch for a high Post,post,postdensity pixel level:  1,200 x 628 is recommended.  Remember that your photos will appear in different sizes on mobile devices, iPads, and computers, and you don’t want your images to become blurry or fuzzy because of poor quality.
    • Don’t just post pictures of products. Instead, post   lifestyle images of happy people interacting with your products.
    • Accompany your photos with short, imperative sentences which urgently direct your clients towards action: Buy now!  Shop today!  Another option is to post warnings:  Don’t miss out! 

Links, Links, Links!

  • Post links to your own blog, with the first few sentences showing as teasers. You’ll direct traffic towards your blog site and grab more readers as they browse around.
  • Post links to Third Party content: like-minded blogs (as long as it’s not that of the competition), industry forums, articles with updates and news for your profession.
  • Post links to your own webpage.

Attention Grabbers!

  • Try posting a Thought of the Day, or of the week. You’ll be surprised how many people comment back.
  • Offer regular Weekly or Monthly Features—products of the week, discount of the month, seasonal sales, and special offers keep people checking in on your page and boost business.
  • Stay relevant! Valentine’s Day specials should come down on February 15th.  Move to the next holiday immediately.  If you still have products or services held over from a holiday sale, still make way for the new season.  Post the old sales under the new ones, slash the prices again, and advertise that you “still have some left from the last holiday season.”

Challenge:  How are we using image, links, and relevancy to communicate effectively on Facebook?

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