Catering to HVAC, Plumbing and Large or Small Contractors

In the plumbing, HVAC and construction industries, having 24/7 dispatched service is absolutely essential should an emergency situation occur. In the event of an emergency, you help your clients minimize damage immediately by answering an after-hours call. Attending a collapsed roof, flooding, power outages or other destruction is hectic enough. Chances are, your staff is so busy attending clients in need, they are not capable of answering after-hours or overflow calls.

In the repair service industry, voicemail just doesn’t cut it. Your customers need an answer from a live representative to be assured of your accessibility. With professional contractors answering services and receptionists to answer their queries at any hour, accessibility is just what they’ll get.

Effective Telephone Answering Solutions

Don’t settle for only being available to your customers during business hours. We ensure that your business is always available to a customer in need of assistance with a problem, or even a new potential client. We can do the job of assuring quality customer service to your clients as well as providing many options for receiving messages. We are able to email, fax, call, or message you any information that you wish to receive, 24/7.

Contact us at (866) 400-4818 or via email using the form below to speak with an ECA representative and begin tailoring your answering service now. Don’t go another day without sharp, talented customer service agents on your end of the phone lines.
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