Plumbing and HVAC Answering Services

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In some industries, 24/7 dispatched emergency service is absolutely essential. Particularly in the roofing, heating, electrical and plumbing repair fields, there’s nothing more important than being on-call for clients at their greatest hour or need. In the event of a brutal storm, you help your clients minimize the property damage immediately by answering an after-hours call. Attending the collapsed roof, flooding, power outages and other destruction caused by severe storms is hectic enough. Chances are, your staff is so busy attending clients in need, they are not capable of answering after-hours or overflow calls.

The following video highlights how we handle your incoming calls from important customers. Our virtual receptionist Becky demonstrates how our answering service records information and gets it to the customer.

ECA Service Call Live Demo

Rest assured, the plumbing and HVAC answering services provided by ECA can help you distinguish the service calls from the serious emergencies, so your company can prioritize, 24 hours a day. We provide a round-the-clock operator to provide personalized assistance for each call. These highly trained phone agents respond to your protocol, so only the most important calls are dispatched directly to you—all other after-hours messages can be relayed via e-mail, pager, text message, fax, pager or phone.

In the repair service industry, voicemail just doesn’t cut it. Your customers need to be assured of your accessibility. With professional contractor answering services and receptionists to answer their queries at any hour, accessibility is just what they’ll get.

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