Why do we need Live-Operator Answering Services?

Once more, let’s review.  Especially when starting up a company, isn’t an answering service an expendable luxury?  Quite the opposite.  An answering service can be the key to saving on salaries and drawing in new business, and therefore, increase your profit.   Here are the plain and simple benefits of hiring a reliable, professional service which will put your answering machine to shame:

  1. An answering service gives you the ability to stay open 24/7.  Any time of the day or night, including holidays, customers can call your office and get a response.
  2. An answering service offers the potential ability to eliminate hiring temps or substitutes when employees are sick or on vacation.
  3. An answering services means less need to hire additional employees to do increasing volume of clerical and receptionist work as your company grows.
  4. An answering service circumvents potential clients from crossing you off their list.  Most won’t leave a message if they are making inquiry calls, and even if they do, they are likely to simply call the next company in line to get a response.  Remember, the general public is accustomed to instant gratification! An answering service can provide that.
  5. An answering service helps build relationships between you and your customers.  Allowing them to interact with a friendly, live voice instead of a machine, tells customers you care
  6. An answering service can ease you of routine functions, like confirming or rescheduling appointments.
  7. An answering service has a back-up plan during power outages and other emergencies.  Their generators and servers save you the money of investing in expensive, specialized phone and computer systems.
  8. An answering service offers fewer frustrations to your customers, who will not be indefinitely put on hold, re-routed, or stuck in a series of “press this button” messages.
  9. An answering service which is knowledgeable and courteous will enhance your public image.
  10. An answering service offers you a break and much-needed peace of mind.  If there’s a problem, your service will get with you immediately to relay important messages and needs.  But the lighter things will be handled by the live operator, and you can get your deserved time off.Live Operator Snippet

Why spend the money to hire a live-operator answering service when a machine can do the job?  Quite simply, because the machine doesn’t do the job.

Challenge:  What public image am I communicating by representing my office with an answering machine?  Would that image be improved with a live-voice operator?

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