Interacting with Clients on Facebook

If you’ve to been keeping up with suggestions from this blog, you’re well on your way to successfully using Facebook to attract clientele and promote products and business through social media.  Before we offer these tips on interacting with your clients on social media, be sure you have read the previous blogs. You’ll want to be sure to avoid common mistakes about posting before engaging in active Facebooking.  But once you’ve got that mastered, use these ideas to help Facebook become a powerful tool for communication for your business or small company.

  1. Respond Quickly. Don’t leave your clients hanging. When they ask questions on your Facebook page, answer immediatelyWhen they comment on your page, or offer a compliment, respond with a thank you or positive comment in return. The purpose of social media is to communicate with one another, so, communicate!
  1. Post Consistently. Use a calendar to keep up with the types and quality of posts.  Aim for something new at least three times a week, in addition to responding on a daily basis to posts and comments from customers and potential clients.  In order to be consistent, make sure you know exactly who in the office is responsible for maintaining and posting on the Facebook page. If you’re using a team approach, be sure responsibilities are clearly defined.
  1. Boost Your Posts. If you registered for Facebook as a business account, you can bump your stories to the top of your friends’ news feed by clicking the “boost” icon around key events and promotional’s. You’ll reach more people, and assure that clients don’t miss important news when they are off the net for a day.  If you created your Facebook as a personal account, use your own FB page, or that of a staff member, to “like” or “comment,” so it will show up a second or third time in your clients’ news feed.
  1. Target Your Posts. Facebook has many hidden gems to help you track the success of your posts, and to help you better place them with the right client. Under Settings, check “Post Targeting and Privacy.”  Write your post, and then select the “target” icon.  You can send that post to specific clients based on gender, interest, age, and location.
  1. Check Your Page Insights Often. Another little gift Facebook offers is the Page Insights area, which keeps track of demographics for you. You’ll be able to tell who is “liking,” who is commenting, and who is sharing what kinds of posts.  Once you’ve analyzed this information, you can use it to target your posts, or to create more specialized posts which appeal to a wider audience.

Challenge:  How are we using the hidden gems of Facebook to most effectively communicate with our clients and potential customer base?  What icons and areas of Facebook do we need to check out?

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