Offering Live Support for those in Need

Funeral homes and mortuaries have a responsibility to be available at any time. Those involved in the industry understand they are on call around the clock. For directors and their staff, this dedication often means missed family events and holidays.

At ECA, we can help ease the burden. Our staff will answer each call for your funeral home in a caring, compassionate way, regardless of the time of day. Calls to a funeral home require a special level of care and compassion. All calls are answered by a live operator who will answer all questions and concerns in a caring, understanding manner. When a loved one has passed away, the family member is devastated and needs extra assurance. We do everything we can to help the family cope with their loss by providing easy access to information and arrangements.

Effective Telephone Answering Solutions

In addition to this, we custom-tailor the answering service to your specific needs, whether that’s after hours support, remote reception, or just simple call overflow. We also know that sometimes, your business will be preoccupied tying up loose ends. In these situations you can delegate your vital customer relations to the phone assistance services of ECA. We collaborate with you to round out a customer-relations package that covers all foreseeable ground. A professional answering service makes you available 24/7, so you can shift your focus to conducting services and vital one-on-one with grieving families.

Contact us at (866) 400-4818 or via email using the form below to speak with an ECA representative and begin tailoring your answering service now. Don’t go another day without sharp, talented customer service agents on your end of the phone lines.
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