Funeral Home Answering Service

Offering Live Support for those in Need

At your funeral home, the very notion of customer service runs deep. In order to gain the trust of a grieving family, you must assure your clients that you will be there to help them attain closure, sparing no detail to carry out their loved one’s last wishes. Sensitivity is key – would you trust a simple voice mail to step in and console your clients in their darkest hour of grief?

While you may be incapable to attend to inquiring families 24 hours a day, our funeral home answering service can step in. ECA collaborates with you to form an answering script that will best portray your company. We thoroughly school our phone agents to represent your funeral home. Together, we can custom-tailor an answering dialogue that we can use to represent your company 24 hours a day, when you’re not available to take the call. Our answering service agents are:

  • Professional – If a client calls with a simple inquiry, our agents won’t hassle them with a hard sell. The customer’s needs and concerns always come first.
  • Compassionate – Our funeral home answering service understands how integral compassionate listeners are to your business, and won’t cut your clients short.

24/7 availability via an answering service can help your funeral home gain the trust of a grieving family member. Your immediate answer helps them know they can truly count on you.

Your funeral services are naturally collaborative – when necessary, ECA operators can redirect a customer’s inquiries to a cemetery or flower arranger who can better assist them. When the customer wants to speak with you, we relay a client’s messages via e-mail, live dispatch, text message, fax, operator, or voice mail. Just as we help give your business 24/7 availability, we take communication with you to a whole new level – but we won’t contact you directly unless it’s an absolute emergency. Again, we custom-tailor the answering service to your express needs, whether that’s after hours support, remote reception, or just simple call overflow.

When you’re preoccupied tying up loose ends, you can delegate your vital customer relations to the phone assistance services of ECA. We collaborate with you to round out a customer-relations package that covers all foreseeable ground. A professional answering service makes you available 24/7, so you can shift your focus to conducting services and vital one-on-one with grieving families.

Contact us at (866) 400-4818 or via email using the form on the contact page and learn the specifics of answering service packages from ECA – and never miss a client inquiry again.