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Why Facebook?

If your business or small company doesn’t have a Facebook (FB) page yet, it’s really past time to get with it.  Still the number one social media among all age brackets, Facebook offers a chance to create an image, disseminate information, draw new customers, and communicate with your clientele—all for free!  Chances are, somebody—many bodies—in […]

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The Art Pathos: Emotionally Speaking

What makes an effective communicator?   In today’s world, your clients are immersed daily in a plethora of messages, emails, advertisements, billboards, web pages, and other forms of information and persuasion which often make them feel bombarded and overwhelmed.  How can you cut through the sea of information and communication and connect with current and potential […]

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Ethics of Morality

The Power of Persuasion: Ethically Speaking

What makes an effective communicator?  In this blog series, we’ve been exploring the power of persuasion, and how to use the tools of rhetoric identified centuries ago by the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle, to establish clear communication with our co-workers and clientele in today’s society. Aristotle identified three important appeals—ethos (ethic), logos (logic), and pathos […]

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ECA Celebrates Women’s History Month!

ECA Celebrates Women’s History Month! This month, schools, businesses, and professional organizations have been celebrating women’s history month. Here at Emerald Coast Answerphone, we thought we’d pause for a moment to learn the history of women who have contributed to some of the businesses which make up our clientele. We serve a variety of small businesses, […]

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It’s All Greek!

What makes an effective communicator? Those of us in the communications business ponder this question every day—and are often confronted with perplexing situations with clients and employees which make the art of discussion and communication seem like, well, Greek. Which is as it should be. It’s been over 2000 years, but it was in Ancient […]

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