4 Assumptions that Throw a Wrench in Your Profitability

1. If clients aren’t complaining, they must be happy

81% of business leaders are sure their company delivers superior service. However, only 8% of their customers agree. $83 billion is lost each year in poor customer service! When customers leave a business, it’s due to poor customer service 71% of the time!

2. Unforgettable – that’s what we are

Client satisfaction doesn’t motivate repeat business the way “client delight” does. When customers leave a company, it is rarely (14% of cases) due to quality of the product/service. Only 9% are leaving because the competition has lured them away. Most leave because they actually forget the service provider.

3. Our clients will tell us if they need anything

30% of people during the time of a visit will say “yes” to additional product or service. Amazon reports that cross selling is responsible for 35% of its sales.

4. New blood makes us profitable

Most businesses are looking to grow through new customers. But dumping new leads into your business can be like pouring water into a leaky bucket. Profitable business comes from up-sell, cross-sell, repeat and referral business with longevity in the customer base. Maintenance agreements.